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ProCreate Professional Services

Over 10+ years of delivering innovative mission critical communications technology solutions has provided ProCreate a wealth of knowledge in operational and functional best practices for communications centers. ProCreate leverages that experience to provide valuable expertise, tools, and proven methodologies through specialized professional services for customers.
Professional Services are delivered and managed by ProCreate subject matter experts and/or in conjunction with proven specialized partners to ensure a successful engagement, from planning and development to implementation and continuous improvement as needed.
ProCreate provides bundled services packages as complete programmatic solutions to customers, as well as standalone services when there’s need to augment internal resources or operations with a single specialized component. Either way, all ProCreate Professional Services are based on industry best practices, but always tailored to meet the unique requirements and situation of every customer.

ProCreate Quality Assurance (QA) Program Services

Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) need an effective, objective, and affordable, QA Program for Emergency and CAD operations. Unfortunately, many ECCs aren’t adequately resourced to develop and manage effective quality programs, and not having a formal, well managed, and objective QA Program puts public safety agencies and the communities they serve at increased risk.
ProCreate offers a complete range of configurable services to help develop and implement a new QA program, or augment and improve a program already in place.
More calls, standards, and technology fewer resources, tighter budgets, and new public health/civil/social issues constantly changing the status quo. Now, more than ever, Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) need quality programs
The Need is High, But So Are the Challenges The ever-increasing risk of liability and responder safety, combined with constantly changing legislation and protocols, have made the job of emergency response management more daunting than ever. A standards-based and objective Quality Assurance (QA) Program is imperative for delivering efficient and reliable service to communities and mitigating the inherent risks of individual performance when dealing with life and death. Unfortunately, many ECCs aren’t adequately funded or resourced to develop and continuously improve QA programs. Rather than thriving under a dedicated and structured improvement process, in many ECCs the burden of evaluations, corrective coaching and trend reporting all fall on the shoulders of already overworked supervisors. Many public safety agencies are relying on intermittent and entirely random manual reviews, others don’t even have time or resources to do that. Short staffed agencies simply don’t have time to maintain a consistent QA/QI program and likely aren’t up to date on QA certifications or professionally trained in QA industry guidelines and best practices. In order to meet national standards, agencies need a nonbiased, thorough, and affordable QA Program for Emergency and CAD operations. The absence of a consistent QA/QI Program with formal reporting and a structured training feedback loop puts agencies and the public they serve at increased risk

Quality Has Always Been Job One

For more than 10+ years, ProCreate has been in business exclusively to provide technology solutions and services that enable and improve mission critical communications. All that core operational experience inside ECCs has provided an acute comprehension of the value of quality, not just in the solutions and services provided by ProCreate, but in turn to the services delivered by public service agencies. That comprehension, combined with the unfortunate reality that resources and funding remain the top challenges to maintaining a professional QA Program at many ECCs, is why ProCreate provides a complete range of professional services aimed at augmenting whatever internal resources or program may already exist (if any) to help agencies do more with less, all while elevating the level of service to their staff and citizens.

ProCreate QA Program Services

ProCreate offers a complete range of configurable services to help develop and implement a new QA program, or augment and improve a program already in place. The primary QA Program Services provided by ProCreate in the table on the next page are packaged into Basic and Enhanced bundled offerings in order to provide affordable options for a full range of coordinated services.

ProCreate QA Program Services Basic Advanced
Program Planning & Set-Up: Learn how to implement a QA Program according to NENA standards and industry best practices Yes Yes
Scorecard Development for EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement Yes Yes
Procedures Development/Review Yes Yes
Policy & SOPs Review/Basic Updating Yes Yes
Program and Policies Implementation (on-site or remote) Yes Yes
QA Evaluator Shadowing/Training Yes Yes
Certified QA Weekly Evaluations Yes
Application of APCO/NENA ANSI Standard Yes
Monthly Reports and Quarterly Executive Overview Yes
Customized Job and Training Aids Yes
On-going Training (on-site and on-line)
  • Supervisor, Dispatcher and Telecommunicator training
  • Stress management, health and wellness, customer service, roles and responsibilities, multigenerational integration of staffing, change management, and more
Optional Optional

Any of ProCreate’s QA Program Services can be delivered independent of a bundled offering or customized to meet the specific needs and budget of customers. All services are also configured to align with the unique QA maturity and requirements of an ECC.

Implementing and maintaining an effective QA Program offers numerous benefits to ECCs:

  • Reduce liability exposure and risk associated with errors or poor quality response
  • Improve dispatcher efficiency, quality of service, and productivity
  • Increase field responder safety and situational awareness
  • Reduce personnel turnover
  • Create objective benchmarks, tracking and accountability to service standards and policies
  • Reduce complacency and customer complaints
  • Create better community alliances

Much like other professional disciplines, QA is specialized, and requires training and on-going professional development to master and stay current on. So outsourcing components or all of a QA Program offers additional benefits over training and staffing for QA with existing personnel, who typically already have extremely full time jobs, independent of the QA Program:

  • Affordability – only pay for time and resources utilized
  • Objectivity – less internal bias to skew program standards, evaluations or results
  • Ramp Time – professionally trained resources with proven materials, templates and assets already developed and ready to configure to specific ECC needs
  • Continuous Improvement – leverage (as opposed to paying for) professional development to stay on top of new standards, best practices, and techniques
  • Flexibility – no hiring, long term contracts, or full time headcount benefits – only utilize what’s needed for as long as needed to get/keep the QA Program on track

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