Work Force Management System

Module Functionality Description

Work Force Management System (WFMS) integrated with the Dispatch Management System helps to create rosters for the ERC staff on a weekly/ monthly basis. The system will recommend the staff required based on the previous shift patterns.
The work force-admin user can create shift patterns based on the requirement. Assign the agents to the created shifts for weekly/ monthly basis. The ERC agents can login to their page to view the shifts they are assigned.
Through WFMS, the user can assign or de-assign an EMT or Pilot from a zone, can assign or de-assign EMT or Pilot from an ambulance and assign or de-assign an ambulance to base location.
Resource Forecasting is one of the main functionalities available in the work force system where the system intelligently and algorithmically asses the previous call patterns and forecast the calls to be received in each shift and the required workforce to handle the calls and also the workforce including buffer.
The system facilitates the user to register the Holidays, which are displayed to the ERC agents in their respective profiles.
The WFMS user can pull different types of reports from the Reports interface such as Shift wise Employees in selected days, Agent wise Total Hours summary etc.

Module Features

S.No Feature
1 Display the list of employee’s statuses like Availability /Leave /Kelly day/Completed Schedule based on the respective manager and selected zone.
2 Display the schedule details of logged in employees
3 Employee can apply the leave request details and view leave status details and can cancel applied leave
4 Manager can view the applied leave details and status.
5 Interface to approve/reject leave request by manager
6 Scheduling of the employee based on "selected zone and base location and module wise”, considering start date, end date shift and Kelly day by manager.
7 Schedule editor for update the existing schedule details like Assign/de-assign schedule for selected employee based on particular day.
8 Schedule extension (Over time), Assign more than one shift and Schedule exchange between employees
9 Individual employee schedule details and working hours