Live Tracker using AVLT Solution

Module Functionality Description

The Automatic Vehicle Location and Tracking (AVLT) is an independent module interfaced with the Emergency Response Center (ERC) to enable the CO/DO/Supervisors to locate the ambulance vehicle’s current location and tracking the vehicle movement on GIS maps. AVLT will help to monitor the fleet of ambulances spread across a defined geography, from a central server.
A GPS device is mounted on Each ambulance vehicle using the Vehicle engine battery power. Central server receives the GPS coordinates from each ambulance vehicle at a defined (configurable) periodicity. Periodicity can be programmed to as low as 1 second to any amount of time.
GPS device mounted on the ambulance vehicle is provided with a SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) of any mobile telecommunication service provider. The data connectivity enabled through the SIM, channels the packets of current location coordinates along with speed, direction of movement, altitude etc of a GPS device to the Server. The GPS parameters received over the data connectivity to the server are overlaid on the GIS maps for CO/DO/Supervisor when the users access the AVLT Server.
The AVLT user will have a Dashboard where the user can view the summarized information of speed, odometer, ignition on/off duration etc.

The AVLT module has a feature to track the ambulance location in real time. The current location of the ambulance is displayed in the 'address form' by reverse geocoding of the location coordinates received. The Speed of the ambulance will also display on the GIS maps interface.
Geo fencing is another crucial feature available in our AVLT system. Geo fence is a boundary drawn around the ambulance like a fence and generate alerts to the ERC/ configured stakeholders related to the ambulance whenever it enters or exits the geo fence.
Route violation is one of the functionalities available in the application where the user can draw a predefined route for the ambulance. Using this functionality, the MMU vehicles routes can be pre-defined based on their schedules. If the vehicle deviates from the defined route, then it alerts ERC as well as to the configured stakeholders.
Ignition and AC On/ Off Alerts: The system can generate alerts with time stamp and lat-long location whenever the ambulance ignition and/or the AC is on in the ambulance. These alerts will help to minimize the malpractices in the ambulances.
The ambulance playback history is one of the features to check the route taken by each ambulance by plotting the locations on map.

Module Features

S.No Feature Feature Description
1 Live Tracking GPS based vehicle-tracking system for tracking your vehicle location anywhere and at any time. The live vehicle tracking system uses GPS satellites to locate vehicles, and mobile technology to ensure that their positions, routes and logs are constantly updated.
2 Geo fencing Get an alert when your vehicle crosses boundaries of predefine area. User can define a particular area, only in which your vehicle should travel. When Geo-fencing is on, as vehicle crosses any boundary of defined area we can get an alert. At that moment we can see the current location of vehicle.
3 Route Violation Get SMS alert when driver violates predefined route and go by wrong route. Avoids misuse of vehicles. User can define the desired route in server account. When route defined is get violated, will get an SMS alert. User can see current route of vehicle online and trace further moments of the vehicles carefully.
4 Odometer Records Get detailed record of how much distance the vehicle has run in daily basis, monthly basis, particular time duration etc.
5 Ignition Status (On/ Off) Know the vehicle ignition status when and where it was started. AC on/off status report gives you AC usage in the vehicle. Avoids misuse of AC.
6 Vehicle Playback History Vehicle will be tracked at the Response Center as the vehicle is moving. The vehicle movement should reflect on the GIS maps at the Command center. Increases the accuracy, efficiency and compliance to ethics/code of conduct in the service delivery.

AVLT Reporting System

Module Functionality Description

Our reporting module gives unparalleled insights into speed violations, geo-fencing violations, distance report etc. The reporting module provide fleet owners with a powerful tool which helps to increase billing and reduce costs.

S.No Feature Feature Description
1 Daily Odometer Vehicle wise odometer readings can be generated for the selected days.
2 Vehicle Summary Vehicle wise summary of Start time, end time, total running time, waiting time, engine on and off time, max speed and total distance travelled etc. for the selected time duration
3 SMS Delivery Geo fence, ignition, route violation etc. alerts SMS delivery report
4 Daily SMS Daily SMS sent to the stakeholders related to the alerts.
5 Event Report Status of the vehicle on incident like idle or active, odometer of the vehicle etc.
6 Speed Timestamp wise speed for the selected time duration.
7 Daily Fuel Daily fuel report for each vehicle such as date of fuel, percentage of fuel, fuel volume in litres.
8 Daily Idle Time Date wise engine idle time report
9 Daily Engine On Day wise engine on timings to identify how many times the engine was on.
10 Daily Engine On/Off Day wise engine on timings to identify how many times the engine was on and off
11 Daily Waiting Time Day wise how many time the vehicle is in waiting mode.
12 Drive Summary Summary of the vehicle such as start location, end location, start and end time, duration of vehicle travel, distance travelled by the ambulance and ideal time