Case studies

Health Help Center in Bhutan – Ministry of Health, RGoB

To provide Emergency and Health Advice services across the country of Bhutan with Centralized Health Help Center (HHC) operated by a group of trained domain and other experts. Setting up and operate the Health Help Center for medical information and emergency management services in Bhutan that is accessible by any citizen and/or a visitor in the country. The medical emergency service is provided by a fleet of 60 ambulances equipped with all the necessary medical equipment and trained professionals of emergency medical domain.

Emergency Ambulance Management System in NCR Delhi – Falck India

The system provides computer aided dispatch center housed with set of trained professionals for receiving the calls of emergency and dispatching the nearest ambulance to serve the patients. The system involves state of the art technology system with a software application enabled by Google maps. It is an integrated platform with the workforce management and single sign on capability. The system also utilizes mobile phone based application for the automatic updation of ambulance status and the progress of the service delivery.

Emergency Response System Center - Maharashtra

The system houses a 24x7 Emergency Response Center with all the data redundancies and massive data storage facility built into the data center located at the central location. The platform consists of GIS maps based display system for identification of incident location, identifying free vehicles for service and guiding and tracking the vehicles during the service delivery. The system is expected to track about 937 ambulances. Each ambulance is mounted with Mobile Display Terminal (MDT) so that the driver can have GIS based map display of the land marks and incident.