What is ProCreate?

As we are team of Techno Geeks filled with brain stormed ideas,
the word "ProCreate" is perfect to represent us. Procreate means "Making Products",
here in our lab we create technology products.

Our Company

Procreate Techno Systems Pvt Ltd is incorporated under the company’s act 1956, India and head quartered at Hyderabad.

ProCreate Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers technology solutions involving both hardware and software ranging from our own technology products, system integration to providing services in the Healthcare & Emergency Response Management domains powered by state-of-the-art technology offerings that make a difference. The organization offers outstanding expertise and competence in the global market with many innovative high value products, qualified technologists and domain experts We are driven to provide continued improvement of our products and services that keep us ahead in pace of the world market.

A senior team who contributed in architecting the solution for the Emergency Management and Health Management being part of erstwhile Satyam Computer Service Ltd have regrouped to start a new venture called Procreate.

Procreate has its own product developed in open source technologies for the Emergency Management and Health Management areas. The scope of services that the company offers spans into consulting, Business process outsourcing, Operating the Emergency and Health Management Services to clients globally. We provide integrated information and technology solutions that help our clients optimize their overall profitability through innovations in technology, improved operating efficiency and consequential reduced costs. Our clients include companies; Government Authorities, Emergency and Health care Operating Organizations, Group of Hospitals. Our full-service portfolio involves solutions that will balance business needs and technology related strategies.

Our Values

ProCreate believes in passionate work by applying technology with innovation

Vision of PTS

Bring a new definition to the human health and life through the state-of-the art technological interventions in the area of Health Care and Emergency Management.

Mission of PTS

Continuous innovation through new technologies, processes and experience in delivering services on the ground for various market segments across the globe. Achieve a measurable value addition in end-customer service.

Object of PTS

PTS objective is to Save Lives,Increase Life Expectancy and Improve Quality of Life.

Our Working Process


We discover your competition and target audience. Define what is working in your online industry, then design your success.


We define our work based on your business objectives and requirements. You deserve more, we're proven to deliver


We provide a well-crafted design concept that flows seamlessly across all Platforms and Browsers.


Developing a roboost application is vital for your business. Regardless of which stage you are at, our firm is an environment where you can grow and develop your business.


This is the final phase of the project, where your website or application goes through quality assurance, user testing and finally, launch. We’re committed to ensuring that our solution perfectly aligns with your goals and meets our own standard of excellence.


Development done right will deliver impactful results. We help you with the strategies that you need today to fuel your future!