Pro Call Taking System

Pro Call Taking is a comprehensive call taking solution designed to increase efficiency and minimize distractions.
Pro Call Taking Systems is a portfolio of tightly integrated communications solutions that come together to provide a complete command and control suite for EMS agencies. Each solution is delivered as a modular cost effective package that can be purchased stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive platform solution.

Solution Description

Pro Call Taking is an Emergency call taking solution designed to give the Emergency Response Officer the tools they need to increase efficiency and minimize distractions. It provides the solid reliability for which ProCreate is known as an end-to-end advanced Emergency call handling solution built with scalability and redundancy at it’s core. It offers a full range of features and functionality that are important to Emergency Response Centers (ERCs) and employs the latest standards-based IP protocols and IT best practices. The intelligent user interface (UI) is expressly designed to streamline and simplify tasks, reduce distractions and fatigue while improving efficiency. The system comes with built-in interfaces and shared components with other ProCreate solutions such as Pro-CAD/GIS, Pro-Dispatch, and Pro-Fire creating an integrated command & control suite. With Pro-Call Taking, is more than an emergency call handling product which scales to the needs of your operation both today and tomorrow.

Core Product Features

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Pro Call Taking offers built-in skills based routing of call distribution. Configurable call queues reduce transfers by delivering specific call types to call-takers who have defined roles, skill, and ability to handle them.

Optimized call handling

Integrated workstation controls and an efficient user experience optimizes a call taker's ability to receive, process, and complete emergency call information. Selective display of information related to the incident, action operation, and advanced call handling features and mid-call recovery.

Telephony PBX Support

The PBX tightly integrated with Pro Call Taking provides a robust feature set integrating personnel and phone systems into the total call taking solution. Robust PBX support enables call control functions such as call answer/release, call transfers, call hold, call mute, call parking, conference calling, auto-attendant, intercom, etc.
SIP-based solution with support of softphones and SIP phones compatible with Emergency Services IP Networks supporting both single Emergency Call Centers and hosted solutions.

Integrated SMS Text

Pro Call Taking is integrated with SMS Text Gateway to Emergency Response Centre and to the call taker screen.

Map Viewer displays calls using local GIS data

Map Viewer integration allows Emergency calls and Text to display on the viewer prior to answer. This feature allows call-takers the ability to know the call originated place while answering a call based on geographic location. Locations will update and map as the call-taker refetches the location information for better location accuracy. ALI and location base services (when available) are displayed on the map viewer. Emergency voice and text calls can be answered and released from the Map Viewer display. The Map Viewer uses your local GIS/PoI data.

Supports Location Based Services

Improve response times with enhanced location accuracy for cell phone calls through integration with location base services. When an emergency call comes in, Pro Call Taking system queries the mobile operator for supplementary location straight from the device. This information is included in addition to standard ALI.