Location Base Service

Module Functionality Description

Our Location based service application determines the location of an Emergency victim or Emergency caller every time when a call lands on our ERC platform. Essentially locating a victim’s calling location and dispatching an ambulance will save the time to reach the victim.
1. Communication Officer can minimize the data to be keyed-in for the victim’s location and address.
2. Our LBS application enables the ERC by acquiring the current location coordinates of a victim who called the ERC and helps providing emergency medical services by dispatching a nearby ambulance to the victim’s location without any delay.
3. An additional added feature of CLQ will be a fall back option in case if there are any disruptions in communicating with TSPs, to ensure the current victim’s location to be fetched and dispatch the ambulance without wasting any time
4. Our ERC system can send the victim’s location data to an on board MDT in the Ambulance