Location Base Service

Module Functionality Description

LBS helps in determining the location of distress caller regardless of handset model, telecom network type and telecom infrastructure. It is implemented in a completely automated model and requires no human intervention. This helps in reducing response time.
The following are the features of LBS.
1. Reducing the time of Call taker as most of the call takers/ CO spend their time in fetching the caller’s location.
2. Providing emergency services where victim cannot describe their current location.
Module Features
1. SMS Message from Victim 8. Interface with MDT to send data to MDT on field, track MDT in real-time
2. Application based support request from Victim
3. SS7 and IP Interface towards TSPs.
4. Interface with Central Contact Center for Location Request.
5. Interface to provide GMLC integration, SDR integration, HLR Queries.
6. Interface with SMPP Gateway for Location Request
7. Interface from central contact center to contact center terminals
8. Interface with trouble ticketing platform and Call Center to provide location information for each request/automated
9. Interface where contact center can direct query location of any victim or MDT
10. Interface with MDT Integration Platform (provided by us) which integrate with App on MDT to send location information for the ticket and also provide real-time location information