Analytics and Dashboard

Module Functionality Description

Procreate™s Analytics tool is blazingly fast high performance, single stack platform to generate insights using BI & ML models. The product is aimed to establish a comprehensive Micro-Macro analysis framework that can provide and enable monitoring and evaluation of the performance of all the stakeholders and the effectiveness of the operations of the Customer by providing self-services based ad-hoc and canned reporting capabilities.

Module Features

S.No Feature
1 Multi Data Source Support – We can get connected to all types of Databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. It can also be connected to data sources such as Spread Sheets, Excel, CSV Files, Flat Files, Streaming Data etc.,
2 Report Automation – Our tool can automate reporting against in-house applications or industry standard advanced applications like ERPs .
3 BIRD- Mashup– The power of the tool lies in Mashup, which pulls/integrate data from multiple data sources and presents a consolidated view on the dashboards. The BI tool’s internal columnar nature allows it to grow horizontally to handle the growth of your data.
4 Advanced features such as NLP, Real stream, Out-of-the-box ML models
5 Scalability – It is designed to work with large data volumes, as it internally uses a columnar store as an in-memory database. Real time streaming analytics with Storm/ Kafka/ RabbitMQ can also be provided with this tool
6 Multi-Device & Multi Browser Support – the user interface works on all devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops and all certified browsers
7 Reduction in Deployment Time – 70% reduction in time to go-live when compared with traditional BI deployments (like Data warehouses)
8 Multi-tenancy Support
9 Scheduled & Embedded Reports
10 Single Sign-On & LDAP Integration
11 Multi-Level Drill Down Facility