Pro Map Viewer

Pro Map Viewer displays call/text location information using local GIS data. The Pro Map Viewer integration enables Emergency calls and texts to display on the call taker’s monitor prior to answering the call/text. This feature gives call takers the ability to answer based on the caller’s geographic location. Location information automatically updates on the map as the call is queried for location rebids to provide better ongoing location accuracy to call takers for the duration of the communication. Traditional ALI and Location based information (when available) are also displayed within the Map Viewer, where Emergency calls can also be answered, rebid, placed on hold or released, directly from the Map Viewer display.


  • Integration with Pro Call Taking: Dispatchers can see the location of incoming emergency calls on a map. This enables call takers to prioritize call/text handling based on where the call/text is originating from
  • Unlimited map layers: Unlike other map viewers, Pro Map Viewer supports unlimited map layers, offering a richer array of local information, such as emergency escape routes, building schematics, fire hydrant locations, pre-defined helicopter landing zones, local construction, landmarks, etc.
  • Local, flexible administration and control. The optional map editor and publishing module allows map files to be created and administered locally. As a result, administrators can add locally relevant information to the GIS and update maps in response to changing local conditions. It also gives administrators the flexibility to make changes at their convenience.
  • The integration with Pro Call Taking automatically queries the Location Based Service Clearinghouse and displays on a shared monitor, next to Map Viewer to provide additional useful supplemental data on calls/texts.