Pro_MIS System

Pro- Management Information System (MIS) augments the Pro-Call Taking platform by providing a call analysis and producing reports based on Call Data Records (CDRs). Pro-Call Taking MIS allows to run canned reports, create ad-hoc reports, and export and share reports.

Solution Description

Get better visibility into operator’s activities to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness with MIS Reports that offer standard and custom report options to meet Emergency response Services reporting needs. Call data records (CDR) are passed to the Pro-Call Taking MIS logger and stored in the Pro-Call Taking MIS Database. Web browser based reporting engine supports both standard and ad-hoc reports where date ranges, shifts, and call type filters can be applied. Export reports into multiple different formats in order to share reports as needed with flexibility.

Turning Data Into Intelligence

Understanding Emergency calls and how each shift operates is crucial to optimizing the Emergency Response center. By leveraging ProCreate’s flexible MIS reporting engine, you can take advantage of the converted emergency call data and produce descriptive, adhoc or standard reports that make a difference.

Core Product Features

  • Secured Access though individual user IDs and passwords.
  • Pre-Configured Canned Reports
  • Graphical Report Output
  • Management Reports
  • Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Sharing Reports
  • Unparsed Data Report

  • Call Summary Report
  • Average Call Duration
  • Calls by Circuit Report
  • Circuit Utilization Report
  • Operator Answer Time Report
  • PSAP Call Taker Ring Time Report
  • Class of Service Report
  • Call Sector Report
  • Call Taker Report