Fire Dispatch Officer

Module Functionality Description

This module in the ERS system deals in addressing the emergencies caused by Fire. The dispatching agent can have all the details of caller and cause of Fire during the service. The following are the activities, which can be performed by the FDO through the application

Module Features

S.No Feature Feature Description
1 Mapping the Fire Stations Data and Integrating with EMS The service provider has to provide the Fire station details with their latitudes and longitudes which helps the FDO agent to automatically loading the Fire stations which are nearer to the incident location.
2 Incidents Queue Queue of the FDO incidents are displayed at the FDO desk which are sorted. This helps the agent serve all the cases which are dispatched from the CO. One Officer cannot open an incident if it is being handled by another FDO simultaneously, that means only single FDO can work on an incident at any point of time
3 Integration with GIS Maps Maps will help the FDO agent to visualise the data on the maps where it will be easier for the agent to identify the nearest Fire station from the map.
4 Assigning the Fire Station The FDO agent can assign the nearest Fire station from the incident location either from application interface or through GIS interface
5 Recording the Time Status The FDO will follow-up with the Fire station to for each case and capture the statuses like assigned time, Start time, at scene time and case closure timestamps.
6 Integrated with SMS and email Gateways Once the nearest fire station is assigned, then an SMS and email will be sent to the police station personnel’s with the relevant information
7 Integration with Softphone Softphone feature for the FDO to make calls, conference calls, transfer calls, dropping a call, dropping a specific caller from a conference call.
The agent can perform all the tasks which can be done through the Hard-phone.