Mobile Medical Unit

Module Functionality Description

a. Technology enabled Health care service to the doorstep of the rural community
b. Serving villages beyond 3 kilometers from any Primary Health Center on a ‘fixed’ day of each month
c. Enabling technology for effective realization of improved health indicators like IMR and MMR.

Services Provided by MMU – Fixed Day Health Service

S.No Services Service Description
1 Vital Events Birth, Death, Marriage and Disease Surveillance
2 Chronic Illness and Disabilities Tubercolosis, Leprosy, Malaria, Anemia, Blindness control, Hypertension, Asthma – COPD etc.
3 School Health Monitoring of Students health
4 Child Health Neonates, Infants, Children
5 Pregnancy Monitoring Diagnosis, confirmation & early registration, Abortion/ MTP, Antenatal screening. Risk Identification, Supplementation & Nutrition, Immunization, Promotion Of hospital delivery, Postnatal followup, Family planning advice and registration

The other features available in the application are.

1. Issue ID Cards 8. Chronic diseases monitoring
2. Van Personnel Registration 9. School aged child health monitoring
3. Measurement & Nutrition counter 10. Issue Drugs to Beneficiary
4. Antenatal check-up & Immunization Counter 11. Receiving Of Drugs/Consumables by the Vans
5. Child Immunization Counter 12. View Van Schedule
6. Lab Counter 13. View daily Report
7. Beneficiary Monitoring 14. Reports on Drug Inventory

Beneficiary Referral

The ANM refers a beneficiary to any PHC to collect drugs from PHC. The beneficiaries are identified and referred to PHC to collect drugs.
Based on the registration of beneficiaries, referrals are done to PHC where they can collect the prescribed drugs. Referral can be done to any PHC in any district and mandal apart from the schedule of the FDHS visit.
PHC day for a particular service point is mapped in the PHC calendar and default selection is made based on the schedule mapping with service point. For each service day a PHC day is mapped and beneficiary can be referred only for that scheduled PHC day. If the beneficiary is being referred for a different PHC or Mandal or district, all the available future PHC days for that selection gets populated.
After selecting the beneficiary id, the remarks field gets auto populated with the lab tests entered for the beneficiary for the latest two visits of beneficiary.
The details of all beneficiaries who are referred from that village to different PHCs and who haven’t collected the drugs at respective PHC’s can be printed