Pro-GIS Mapping

ProCreate’s Pro-GIS Mapping is a map viewer providing map-editing and publishing along with AVLT (Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking) module to improve GIS management. Pro-GIS map viewer using ANI/ALI information displays an active accident integrating GIS with an active CAD incident and historical database.
This integration automatically maps the active CAD incident, allowing dispatchers to deliver routing information and other critical information to field and operational personnel.

Solution Description

Pro-GIS Mapping handles the entire mapping, addressing, and reporting needs of emergency response Operators. These maps and integrated data provide a complete automated map-viewing system used by emergency response centers. The solution facilitates integration with other departments and agencies and offers smooth interoperability with leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and geographic systems (GIS).
Pro-GIS includes a map viewer, AVLT interface, and map-editing and publishing that improve GIS management. Pro-GIS can operate as a standalone map viewer that uses ANI/ALI information to display an active incident, or it can be integrated with an active CAD incident and historical database. When the map viewer is integrated with the CAD database, it automatically maps the active CAD incident, enabling dispatchers to provide routing assistance and critical information to field personnel. The AVL module can be integrated through an API to a ProCreate Pro-Dispatch console to allow map-based vehicle dispatch.
Real time visual map location of field resources is crucial for any command and control center when responding to an incident. Leverage state of the art technologies to help find and track resources.
Pro-GIS supports multiple map layers that can offer a rich local information, such as road network with alternate routes attached with time to reach, building schematics, and landmarks etc. The intuitive operator interface enables fast refresh, panning with local map caching, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan, Layer Selection to ensure desired map details are presented. Quickly navigate to map locations by Lat/Long, address, name, pin code.

CAD and Map Integration

Pro-GIS is integrated with Pro-CAD to allow dispatchers to create incidents and dispatch from the map. The map is integrated with the CAD database to provide location specific information such as prior incidents at the location. Pro-Call Taking leverages the same map viewer to locate an incoming call where ANI/ALI location information is displayed. AVLT integration is additionally available to enable the map viewer to display vehicle locations in a dynamically updated map layer.

  • Integrated with Pro-CAD or Pro-Call Taking system
  • Track and display resources with AVLT
  • Display with ANI/ALI location information or other third party locations
  • Call locations from SOS Mobile App

Local Administration and Control

The optional map editor and publishing module allows map files to be created and administered locally. As a result, administrators can add locally relevant information to the GIS and update maps in response to changing local conditions. It also gives administrators the flexibility to make changes at their convenience.
The integration with Pro Call Taking automatically queries the Location Based Service from the telecom service provider and displays on a monitor, next to Map Viewer to provide additional useful supplemental data on calls/texts.
Pro Map Viewer displays call/text location information using local GIS data. The Pro Map Viewer integration enables Emergency calls and texts to display on the call taker’s monitor prior to answering the call/text. This feature gives call takers the ability to view the caller’s geographic location. Location information automatically updates on the map as the call is queried for location to provide better ongoing location accuracy to call takers for the duration of the communication. Traditional ALI and Location based information (when available) are also displayed within the Map Viewer, where Emergency calls can also be answered, directly from the Map Viewer display.