Single Record reporting system

Module Functionality Description

An application where the complete incident information is displayed as a single report from calls inception to patient transported to Hospital.
This report can be utilised as evidence documents in case of medico legal cases (MLC). Single Record is integrated with the Voice Logger service through which the voice record tagged to the case can be available. This reduces the hassle of locating the voice for quality purposes.
The Quality team can use this report for evaluating the call performance and correlate the voice with the data stored. This helps to improve the quality of call taking as well as data feeding.
The interface is designed considering the needs of a QA/ Supervisor. The Quality team score on the incident can be viewed in this report.
The video files tagged to the incident can also be viewed from the interface.

Module Features

S.No Feature Feature Description
1 Incident Details Here the complete details of the incident like call received time, disconnected time, handled CO, DO, Popup close time etc
2 Victim Details Here the patient details captured at all levels are displayed like name, age, chief complaint, Hospital name, ambulance assigned etc
3 Ambulance Details Here the complete details of the ambulance and its trip details are displayed like Ambulance number, Base Location, EMT, Pilot, Ambulance Status, Odo meter reading etc.
4 Incident's History Track The ambulance tracking history will be plotted on map and displayed
5 Incident Log The chronology of the incident will be displayed where each event (Call Landed, Name Captured, etc.) related to the incident with their time stamps
6 Voice Record Voice Logs at each module are loaded where it gets easy for the user to hear all the voice logs from a single location.
7 Video Record Video recordings captured from the CCTV, Video Conference etc., are loaded w.r.t the incident for easy review.
8 Quality Remarks The quality scores provided by the QA for the incident can be viewed in the single record view
9 Remarks The remarks provided by the agents for the incident can be viewed module wise