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The Background

Health is a universal challenge to all human societies. It is not an exaggeration to say that those societies which manage their members’ health issues well, tend to be prosperous. However, the interventions in health have not yielded the expected outcomes. Normally members of any society, whether developed or developing, have something to complain about the health care services/facilities in their country. However, some countries seem to have done better than others even among the developed nations.

Health Scenario in Developing Countries and Challenges

Tremendous changes have occurred and are occurring in the process of evolution of health care solutions both in the private and public sector. While the private sector seems to march at high speed, the public systems have not been able to move as fast and, in fact, have been under tremendous pressure and in many cases have deteriorated in the last few decades. There are various factors which led to this and are still impacting in a significant way. The focus of this note is not to delve into the politics and economics of healthcare in INDIA but to work towards viable, sustainable solutions which can impact significantly, especially focused on delivering services to the marginal sections of the people – poor in both urban and rural setting.

The need

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is tremendous un-served need among the poor as the statistics do point to. Of the 2% morbid people (translates to about 1600000 on population of 80 million) only half access any Medicare. Of the 800000 about 25% is catered to by the public systems another 25% is served by the private providers and the rest 50% are served by informal providers (often known as quacks).Next
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