Salient Features of ERMS@PRO Solution
Stakeholder Integration
Value Creation
The Impact

Salient Features of ERMS@PRO Solution

Saving lives

Procreate brings a unique capability to transform several key elements of healthcare delivery and emergency response especially in developing countries. It leverages its partner organizations’ deep understanding of telecommunications, systems integration, and network design, as well as markets for emergency services and comprehensive rural healthcare solutions, to deliver high-quality care for very little budget.

Additionally, by using advanced technologies, proven field practices and “template” development in a green- field environment, Procreate allows clients to leapfrog current methods and deploy the most-leading-edge services available. The results will be dramatic, and are measured in lives saved.

Stakeholder Integration

Procreate Emergency & Health Care Response Solution’s are tested, inexpensive, and proven to be in much geography. Its success stems from integration of all key stakeholders. These include:

      • Governments
      • Private and Government hospitals
      • Blood Banks
      • Police Stations
      • Fire Stations etc…

Procreate is aimed at transforming Health & Emergency Care service delivery especially in emerging economies.Next

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