Need for Emergency Care round the Globe
Global Challenges & Procreate Advantages;
Global Challenges & Procreate Advantages

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Need for Emergency Care round the Globe

Citizens across the globe are vulnerable to emergencies; which can be classified as medical, police, fire, arson and natural disasters.

      4 billion are not covered by emergency services
      22 million die due to emergency situations every year
      600 million people face an emergency every year
      6 million are permanently disabled every year

In spite of these grave statistics, most Countries/States are unable to implement a comprehensive emergency response system due to the following challenges:

      Multiple emergency numbers with no integration between police, Fire and Medical          departments.
      Inadequate coverage of rural population
      Lack of Government control over myriad organizations.

Global Challenges & Procreate Advantages
More than 100 Million emergencies occur across the globe every year. A majority of these emergencies result in loss of life. Most of these lives could be saved if help reaches the victim in the first 60 minutes (Golden Hour) immediately after the incident. Procreate aims at providing these emergency response service solutions through an advanced technological platform and prevent this avoidable loss of life.

Procreate brings the expertise to address all kinds of emergencies that would happen anywhere, remote rural areas to the overcrowded urban localities. The ability to integrate Police, Fire, and Medical Infrastructure (Hospitals & Ambulances) services gives it a unique advantage in not only saving lives but also in preventing and planning the life in the country, going forward. Next

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